We are 2 man team looking for 2 more to compete.

We have a good solid 2 man team that we are wanting to be very competitive. We were competitive in Halo 3 and want to get back into it for Halo 5 so yes we have experience. Trogdor 889 is a very incredible good solid sniper with great teamwork, and support player. I am iTz Mop Up Marv with very good support player, strategist, and objective player, as well as a team player and very knowledgeable about Halo and competing. We are more looking for a good main slayer, along with another main slayer or support player/team player. We are very team oriented, as I also have a youtube channel I put team gameplay on, on a constant basis and working on hype for the team. If you are interested in possibly joining and how we could all work together hit us up ASAP.

Gamertag: iTz Mop Up Marv
Gamertag: Trogdor 889

edit: US region, we do play more during the day as Trogdor works swing shift. I am off for the winter season so I am flexible. Trogdor is Pacific time and I am in Mountain time, so West coast would be better if possible but just as long as you live in the USA is preferred.

What region are you looking for. Might be helpful to other people to know :slight_smile:

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

We’ve got a two person group running some Breakout if you’re interested in joining in together.