We already have the roadmap, what do you think?

Agreed, ranked is my favourite part of Halo but it is severely lacking compared to H2, H3 and H5.

Ranked was awful in Reach, non existent in 4 and was/still is a disaster for MCC.


Yay, now we’re into 9 month seasons and the complete cancellation of the one thing me and all of my friends were looking forward to! (local splitscreen co-op!)

Forge being absolutely mindblowing is the only way I see this game lasting 10 years. Then again, the incredible amount of people I’ve seen drop $$$ on the store probably keeps 343 from feeling worried in any way.

Yeah, this is the nail in the coffin for Halo. Season 2 is going to be 10 months? Splitscreen cancelled? Forge and coop campaign pushed back another 2 months. Only 2 new maps until march 2023? This is beyond embarrassing for a “live service” game. Halo needs new game devs now.


Well that was hugely disappointing. It saddens me to say that these kids are not the Masterchief. No wonder it takes them so long to make a game when they’re hiding behind stats and research.

Where’s the lead… where’s the alpha male … where’s the one that stands upon a pedestal and shouts I have a dream…

A poor copy of a copy of a copy… It’s interesting how they talked about knowing what the players wanted - yet there was no talk of an updated UI with lots playlists we can enjoy.

Wake me up when the Chief is in charge!


Knew it was gonna be bad but it’s worse than i thought

Season 3 delayed til march 2023 Lmao

Campaign co-op and mission replay delayed for 2 months. Thought something like this would be delayed for maybe 2 to 3 weeks. Great target date 343

Forge delayed until November. I doubt 343 will even hit this target and i doubt forge will be the saving grace for this game.

Microsoft for the love of all things Halo please scrap infinite and give Halo to a developer that knows what theyre doing


Where’s the lead… where’s the alpha male … where’s the one that stands upon a pedestal and shouts I have a dream…

That’s gotta be bait.

No bait mate… just truthful reflections - I don’t believe 343 has a leader that can lead considering what’s been released.


This is just abysmal. There has to be some kind of management overhaul. This inability to meet deadlines is unacceptable.


Feels like I should be accommodated for playing this game


They should probably pay us to play this game.


I’m worried about what the general boycott will do to the player base. Like this is bad, but I’m not sure if a boycott will fix things or make them worse?

Some are calling for a GENERAL BOYCOTT of Halo Infinite, "uninstall today, and don’t re-install until either A: another studio is handed Halo, or B: the game is content complete (including all features promised at launch, including splitscreen co-op.) "

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Yikes. What is the normal rate of seasons in other games? I feel like season 3 should have came on gone already or that we should already be in a season 3.


I feel like i’ll probably take part in a boycott not by participation but by natural progression to another game.


I’m gonna summarize some random thoughts cause I’m bored today, so apologies if this is overly lengthy and disorganized. - Also, this is all just honest feedback on how I personally feel. Not trying to fight with anybody.

I think it’s safe to say that the trust between 343 and the community is sub zero these days. The entire time I was watching the video I was just thinking “this sounds cool, we’ll see if it actually happens though” – Continually giving false launch dates and pushing back seasons has really made me not believe anything I’m hearing from 343 at this point. (For example, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they come out early November and say the update won’t have the forge beta, etc) That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s understandable that they get overly optimistic about things and have to announce delays, but at this point I really have to question the strategy here. I know that they want to emphasize communication, but that all goes down the drain when the communication is valueless. I think they’d be way better off just keeping quiet about specific launch windows and only announcing dates when the updates are 100% ready. I know that might not be a popular opinion, but at the moment – as a result of the current trust levels, I have absolutely no idea what is actually coming to Infinite in the near future. (I think it’d also be a good idea to have more surprise ‘one last thing’ type announcements for these updates. (like unexpected weapons/vehicles/etc) This could actually get people excited instead of feeling like it’s just the bare minimum)

But anyway, getting into the specifics -

Winter update Nov - cool we’re at least getting something, but extremely annoyed at the S3 delay.

Covert Flag - sounds fun, but the balancing of different loadouts may be an issue - they’re gonna have to keep a very close eye on adjusting that quickly if it is.

Forge Beta - Probably what’s gonna save Infinite in the long run tbh. All 343 needs to do here is allow for community made maps to have the option to be put into MP rotations. Ideally you could also spawn enemies to make your own mini campaigns/etc, but that’s just me wishful thinking.

Co-op - who cares, everyone who wanted to play the campaign has done so by now. wayyyy to little too late. As fun as the idea of playing through with my cousin (who hasn’t played it) may seem, I’m sick of “babysitting” friends/family through games I’ve already played to death. Let us experience something new together for the first time. (campaign expansions please) Also, let the other 3 be their MP spartans. The explanation on why we all have to be Chief was extremely weak (not to mention it makes absolutely no sense). Hopefully they can start adding some more content into the base campaign though. Felt it was really empty, wanted more easter eggs and hidden secrets/etc. but felt like the map was pretty empty. (didn’t really reward exploration in the way I had hoped, ‘just go grab some intel pads’ was a big letdown for me) but I digress. - also, split screen was probably always gonna be cancelled. Disappointing for sure, but the power needed to project multiple players in the same hardware without severe graphical downgrades probably isn’t realistic with current tech

30 tier battle pass - good (as in the bare minimum)

new maps - Yeah, we need like 10 more maps for the game to not get instantly boring after playing for 1 night - I guess this is another drop in the bucket towards that. I’d really like an update with just maps though. The slow trickle we’re getting now really makes the additions them lose their magic quickly.

Bandit rifle - Don’t like this at all. we already have the BR and commando for mid-long range. DMR should be saved for that rumored battle royale mode and made to be longer range than it’s ever been. I would have preferred like the spiker or brute shot or something. (also, please 343 put new sandbox items in the campaign as well. It’d be heartbreaking if they didn’t)

Smoke screen, thing whatever - really cool! love the potential there. Those are the kind of sandbox items Halo really needs to just have crazy fun/unexpected moments.

Overall - Meh, might be good. Forge might save the game. For now I’ll probably still only sign in to do the event passes from time to time. Just kinna feels like a chore right now, and I don’t see the November update changing that. Possible by S3 we start to really turn the game around into the point where I actually get excited to play it again, but not really holding my breath. (also, those narrative events need some major work. Watching a spartan firing an AR and saying a bunch of meaningless filler lines- really not cutting it for me, lore wise. lol)

It’s not long range. Joe Staten explained that this iteration of the DMR will be primarily short range. Check out that new vid on youtube.

I did. It’s probably going to be a short-mid range weapon, blurring the lines between the AR, commando, and BR. (and maybe even the bulldog) Might still be fun to use, but totally unnecessary. Should have made it more similar to a stalker rifle counterpart.


I’m happier now that I’ve watched the accompanying video - the image floating around Twitter doesn’t discuss what is coming where; so I originally took it that forge could be coming as late as march, but I don’t believe this now:


  • forge and coop coming November 8th

  • performance based progression (beta) and accompanying 30 tier free battlepass. Season 3 will continue with this method of progression too with a new battlepass with 100 tiers - which is great.

  • two new maps created in forge. Especially interested that 343i see the viability of forge maps in matchmaking - which should speak volumes about the sort of content we will be receiving in the future.

  • season 3 comes in march. Hard to get excited about anything here as is so far away

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I told many of you for a very long time why splitscreen for a game like Infinite (that runs on last gen and current gen hardware) was damn near impossible to make work right, this was expected and anybody that tells me otherwise is mistaken.

Really it seems obvious at this point 343i are using a skeleton crew for sustaining the game, most are working on Campaign DLC and/or Tatanka.

Edit: Infinite is very unlikely to make it past season 7 or 8, the game is simply too slow at releasing content to get anybody really excited for anything, and by the time it rolls out content its already far too late to care. Infinite is not quite a “dead” game yet, its #17 on XBL charts, but does anybody really believe it can even maintain that? Infinite will probably stay in top 30 forever but it’ll struggle to ever maintain an audience or get new ones.


its fine but theyre not doing a good job hyping it. I guess season 3 is where it really matters with marketing. forge will have lots of content and the browser will give people access…

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I’m looking forward to be honest. Sounds like 343i are well aware of the issues and that goes a long way.

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