We already have the roadmap, what do you think?

Halo Infinite | Update – September 2022 - : h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ramqlt7vxJ8

The truth is that I don’t know what to say or think. I’m stunned.

  • Winter Update: November 8 to March 7
  • Season 3: March 7, 2023
  • New Mode: Covert Flag
  • Forge Beta & Co-op from November 8
  • 30 Tier Winter Battle Pass
  • New Maps: Detachment & Argyle

Edit: Split-screen co-op has been cancelled entirely


“HOLY CRAP. Who is running this army!?”



With the loss of split screen co-op (which I personally don’t see as a big deal) I would love to see the ability to spin up a LAN server for campaign.

Seems like it would be a good way to use the existing co-op code and allow for some type of in-the-room local play, assuming everyone’s got their own box / display.


Depending on how well Forge works in its beta will greatly impact how long it feels till March 7th.


Did I see SPI in the Roadmap, I recognised the Dome


Could not agree more. Forge + some type of community map rotation playlist will keep things fresh beyond the seasonal boundaries. Hopefully we even see the return of Action Sack.


I’m a lil disappointed with Season 3 being pushed.

I’m cool with the free 30-tier BP, but it’ll be done in less than a month I’m sure.

I’m looking forward to the new gun - but we’ve already seen it in leaks.


Announcing back in March that Season 2 would be 6 months long was bad enough. Extending it to 10 months is absolutely ridiculous!

Only 2 new multiplayer maps in a year is also ridiculous!

Also, why should we believe this roadmap any more than the last one?


Stunned, disappointed, and other similar adjectives are not appropriate for this situation. Those words imply that for some reason you were expecting something different from 343 despite their consistent track record of ineptness.

Edit: Here’s the Twitter post


I have taken two 3 month long breaks from this game, and both times when I’ve played it again there feels like there has been next to no content changes.

Which when compared to any other live service game is crazy. Usually after a 3-6 month break, I don’t even recognise the game I’m playing. Not always a good thing, but at least it’s fresh and different.

Forge has the potential to turn it all around, but it also still feels like miles away from being heavily incorporated into daily matchmaking.


I definitely think that would help a lot with the more casual audience (myself included). I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed. Would really help especially when it comes to maps.


I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think Forge is going to have the impact that people think it will. Forge as a tool is not something a lot of people can easily jump into - I know for myself, that I’m not going to devote hours to learning how to Forge properly. 3, Reach and 4’s Forge was very easy to use, and while the added complexity is good for the minority, the majority won’t be able to utilize it effectively.

Then there’s the Challenge system disincentivizing players to utilize Forge, mixed with how bad Custom Games are, and with how just woeful the technical issues with the game are.

As for the roadmap itself? It’s just plain embarrassing. I’ve heard talk that within the same span that 343 put two maps into Halo Infinite, Call of Duty’s team put in 29. Plus, Call of Duty’s online play isn’t completely busted. I can’t even play Infinite anymore because it feels like the entire game is stacked against me on PC.

Having to beta test Match XP is just… I’m sorry, but that’s pathetic. That should be an easy feature to implement.

I’m overall extremely disappointed, but that’s par for the course at the moment. I personally think that with Call of Duty MW2 right around the corner, mixed with Warzone 2, Halo Infinite doesn’t stand a chance. Whereas MW2 will probably be feature complete on launch, 343 is struggling to add basic, simple features that are present in other games.

343 has done nothing for the Halo franchise but make me disappointed. I don’t like the new updates to MCC - I don’t like the Series system, I don’t like the incredibly boring Pose-system at the end of each match, I don’t like the changes and additions to each game that have diluted it further and further from the classic experience of Halo. Infinite is almost dead in the water, with a nine month season that is offering very little, both in terms of new content and technical fixes to make the game more fun to play, especially on PC where the player-base has evaporated due to how bad the game feels to play.

As a long-time Halo fan, someone who grew up playing the classical Halo games, I feel nothing but apathy towards Infinite and 343 as a company. I wish I could go back to the days of Halo when I felt something, anything remotely positive about this franchise and the direction of where this is heading.


The video and roadmap have a couple absolute huge W’s, and yet I still feel like we’re looking at an alpha/ beta experience :frowning:


Not using this as an excuse, but CoD does have like 12 studios working on it at once, so their map output should be significantly higher than 343’s.

I agree we should be getting more than 2 in this timeframe, but I think the direct comparison falls short because of how much more sheer manpower goes into CoD’s development.


It’s absolutely incredible that Halo 5 had significantly more content updates at this point in the game’s life than the live service game Halo Infinite has. I really don’t even know what to say. The base game itself is great. I like the campaign, the gameplay is solid. How are we gonna hit the 1 year anniversary and have only had two new maps and a few new gametypes added? Then season 3 being delayed and as a band-aid we get a mini battle pass that will simply consist of items that have already existed for season 1 but for whatever reason never ended up getting released. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna complain about now getting the Mark V[B] armor core since I never bought the premium pass for season 1, but this seems a bit ridiculous.

Honestly, unlike a lot of people I don’t hate a lot of what 343 has done with Halo since they were created to continue the series. Halo 4 is in my top 3 games of the series, Halo Wars 2 was great, and I like what is in Infinite. But this complete lack of any significant content updates 1 year into the game’s life is ridiculous. That Forge was yet again not there at launch was pathetic. That co-op wasn’t in the game at launch was ridiculous. What is going on behind the scenes with 343 and MS that this developer with loads more people and loads more money than Bungie had when they were leading the franchise can’t even launch the game with at least the same features that Bungie did for their releases?

It’s just sad that at this rate this game will probably be 2 or 3 years old by the time it really is in the state it should’ve been at launch. And I don’t know that it can recover from this, but maybe it can. I never thought MCC would recover but all the work done to it in porting it to PC turned it around.


Disappointed. Pretty much.

Not a single mention of aiming. Currently watching the video, but I doubt I’ll hear much about it.


Counter-point: Microsoft is a billion-dollar company that has acquired a significant number of studios that could be pulled into assist with Halo Infinite’s development. Instead, they’ve got Certain Affinity wasting resources on a Battle Royale that’s at least a year out instead of developing for the game.

Like, I can understand that Activision has a number of studios working on Call of Duty, but if 343 or Microsoft cared even remotely as much about Halo, they’d do the same thing.


I see what you’re saying but, exactly like you said, we know what CA is up too, and we also know how 343 cycles contractors.

I agree entirely that 343 should have way more studios working in league with them, especially those owned by Microsoft.

The problem is, like you said, that that isn’t happening. Regardless if that decision is because of Xbox’s current strategy or a lack of faith in 343 to utilize those resources effectively, it still feels like the manpower issue comes from Microsoft at the corporate level, not necessarily 343.

CoD doesn’t seem to be having that kind of issue. In fact, I’d argue that Acti-Bliz should maybe pull some studios away from CoD and let them do something else.


I don’t like it. But its not like we can do much. In the video its clear even the 343 developers despise their position.

What I want to know is what about the meantime? We still have September, and October. Are we going to get anything in the meantime? We have the Yappening next week and Entrenched finishing up. What else? I’m not that interested in the Yappening items, I finished Entrenched, I finished the premium pass, and I’m waiting for mission replay before starting a solo run. So what is there to do in the next 2 months until the winter update? I want to play more, but the game is repetitive as it is.


Ouch. In the next ten months from a Ranked perspective, we’re getting two new maps, one weapon, and one piece of equipment? Yeah, unfortunately I think Ranked is pretty much toast.

It’s looking like I’m just about done with this one. Are any Ranked players out there feeling like there’s a point to sticking with HI? I love Halo, but even I can’t imagine playing the same Recharge Live Fire Streets rotation for the next 10 months.