We all witnessed this... It's like Rapture.

If you’ve been playing Halo 3 since the day of release, I just want to point the obvious, but in a more… smexy way.

Halo 3 is exactly like Rapture from Bioshock, in a metaphorical way.

I say this simply so I don’t have a, “Great Wall of China”, in text.

Halo 3 had an amazing start. Amazing memories were made almost daily.
Making new friends was something that just happened in this game.

In the middle of Halo 3, (When other games began releasing), only a small fraction of the population left, and the rest stayed. The rest were the people that were dedicated Halo fans; but some people, had to bring the game down, by introducing boosting.

[Remembering playing Custom Games? Remember, Infection? Fat Kid? Remember those kids that would Custom Boost?]

And at the end… Many boosters played Halo, decreasing any chance of fun in Ranked Matchmaking. De-rankers, also ruined the game at the end, by literally making your team lose just so that they could drop in rank. Then, other games released, and more people left. The game became a barren wasteland after the end of 2010.

[People still play, but it’s hard to find a game worth playing anymore.]

grabs bottle and pours drink

halo 3 brought a legacy it not only brought forge but it brought together some of the best times of xbox live and other things halo 3 will live on through all of us i know because i was there in 2007 and i will always be there from the area of vahalla to the warehouse of foundry halo 3 will be a legend and it will remain sacred to me and all the others who played