Ways to improve Warzone Firefight...

Beta was too easy. Final release is too hard. Let’s find that sweet middle ground between the two, shall we?

1. Remove Respawn Penalties.
-This was a very cheap way to increase the difficulty. 30-second respawn timers don’t make the game more challenging as much as they make it incredibly frustrating. This mechanic does not need to be changed, tweaked, or replaced with something else; it needs to be removed. Period. No one likes have to stare at a death screen for 20-30 seconds.

2. Buff Player Traits.
-We’re going up against legions of hyper-aggressive AI enemies that force players into cover and slow down the game. The easiest way to fix this would be to buff the Spartans in Warzone Firefight; enable shield recharge when sprinting, increase player damage resistance to 200%, and buff the damage of Spartan Abilities like Ground Pound and Spartan Charge to be more effective against armored or shielded enemies like Soldiers and Elites.

3. Start players at REQ level 3.
-Often, players find themselves facing challenges that they don’t have high enough REQ level to contend with. Like when you have to kill Warden Eternal on Round 3 on Apex, or when you’re fighting the Soldier Commandos in Round 3 on Darkstar. Starting players off at higher REQ levels would allow them to gain easier access to the big vehicles and weapons needed to take these giants down.

4. Enable Revival.
-Allow players to revive teammates just as they can in Campaign. Award medals and bonus points to those players who go out of their way to revive teammates.

5. Add Warzone Survival.
-For those who want a more classic Firefight experience, this would be the answer. Players would face unlimited waves of enemies with Mythic bosses every 5th Round. No timers, but all 8 players would collectively share a pool of 12 lives, earning 1 bonus life for each player every 5th Round completed.

The catch? No matchmaking. Recruit a fireteam, or go it alone. Difficulty would scale based on the number of players so that lone wolves can have fun too. Compete for the highest possible score by surviving for as long as you can and defeating as many enemies as possible.

I’d like it also made possible for offline single play

  1. Timer too short for boss waves considering how much health they have and how many non-important adds spawn constantly (Solution: Add time for each boss killed?)
  2. Respawn timer extension too severe, especially when one-shot enemies appear in excess in later rounds and long respawn times (Solution: Decreased wave based respawn extension to 2 from 5? Allow REQ energy to be used as a Buyback option?)
  3. Enemies keep spawning and blocking the way to the boss, making it nearly impossible to get past the adds and then fight the boss. (Solution: Remove infinite enemy drops, make them respawn only when boss(es) reach a certain health (half? a quarter?)?)
  4. Enemies are too tanky/do too much damage and fire their weapons too accurately beyond their effective ranges if used by a player. For example, Crawler Boltshots, Grunt Plasma Pistols, Elite Storm Rifles, and Soldier Suppressors. Vehicles like the Banshee and Ghost kill a player in very few hits, and can attack at random due to being in the air. Prioritizing them is useless because they simply respawn. (Solution: Tone down enemy damage OR enemy health? Both at once might be too excessive.)
  5. REQ weapons/vehicles despawn too fast, especially considering ridiculous respawn timer. (Solution: If map has too many weapons on the ground, delete enemy dropped weapons/basic weapons first over REQ ones?)
  6. Unimportant enemy vehicles are not hijackable. This does not include bosses. (Solution: Make them hijackable? Come on now…)
  7. On larger maps, certain targets are hard to find, such as Knights on Stormbreak during the Kill Knights phase. (Solution: Waypoint the target enemies at all times OR when they spawn in via Promethean teleport on Covenant dropship?)
  8. During Defend X, enemies spawn way too soon, making the area overwhelmed and the item already damaged/captured before players can even hope to get there. (Solution: Delay spawning until a player is within range of the Defendable object?)

how about they start the clock, the count down timer, when the enemies actually show up?

if you pay attention some times the enemy bosses or what have you take a good 30 seconds to show up, so you don’t have 5 full mins, you have like 4:30 or 4:20 left on the clock by the time the enemy appears on the map.

I noticed this last game I played, the Banshee round started and it was a good 30 seconds before the finally showed up, that ain’t right. Other rounds do it to, it’s a cheap way to make you lose.