Ways to Improve Warzone Firefight

DISCLAIMER: Before you say anything yes I know its in beta right now.

On a basic level WZFF has some promise. Halo 5’s sandbox suits this game mode quite well. However, there are some problems.

  • It requires matchmaking. While having it isn’t a bad thing, though it shouldn’t require it. - AI seem a tad too difficult - Not having private matches - Only having 5 rounds. Any survival mode needs to have endless rounds.Now with that out of the way here’s some additions that I think should be added in the final release of WZFF

  • Private matches - Ability to change game settings similar to how you could in Reach. - WZFF specific REQ cards (Spawn AI, turrets, etc.) - Not have a minimum player requirementNow knowing 343, most of this probably won’t happen. They’ll probably just stick to the boring PVE grindfest that was Reach Firefight, so long as people actually buy REQ cards.

All of these sound pretty solid. Wouldn’t say the AI seems HARD though…bullet-spoungy, sure, but remember, there’s 8 Spartans shooting at them. Normal enemies (Campaign level) are literally going to EVAPORATE.

Theyre the same AI damage from normal Warzone? and jesus christ this is a beta but its too easy when you have a good team, there`s nothing really challenging about it.