Ways to improve the prometheans: Fan FEEDBACK

promethian wepons need to feel like more than just using a flashlight to damage your enemies, I think about the lightrifle especially, but also the suppressor and the scattershot. theyre definitley wepons that even though they feel alot more physical based than thier halo 4 counterparts, they still feel relativley weak to MOST covanant and unsc weapons There should be maybe some smoke thats created by the impact of the shots. also make the recoil different than how a human weapon would be this one might be kinda difficult to do but maybe have the round glow imbedded in the spartan’s armor while the shot is still fresh perhaps maybe it could even have some kind of effect in some special warzone req weapons. this is my segment JUST for promethean weapons
2ndly… Dont give us forerunner equivalants to already existing UNSC and COVANANT vehicles, think of the difference between the banshee and the phaeton.
we need more differences like that with our vehicles maybe you could have one perfectly circular promethian sphere that glows orange on the side that can transport multiple targets and its main attack is that it dissassembles and CRUSHES its opponents in a lunge like the energy sword, the weakness to this could of course be that every spartan digitized in the vehicle could be killed with the same amount of shots as a normal spartan, Furthermore for an artillery equivalant make vehicle that may kind of be like a vehicle equivalent to the sniper. one very deadly round that takes a long time to reload but has a good short range automatic weapon for defense MAKE THE PHAETON, officially a air assult platform by giving it a hardlight that becomes active on the top whenever the passanger is in danger of course the tradeoff is that if the phaeton teleports to escape enemy fire the spartans on top will be killed and it will be attributed to the last enemy who laid damage on the phaeton. oh yeah and beef it up.
as far as enemy units go,
I think the prometheans while mechanical and digital can definitley canonically still go a bit more squishy and fleshlike, what do I mean? well, when you shoot the convanant, they bleed. similar type deal needs to happen with the promtheans. when you shoot them perhaps they can spew and orange type glowing magma-like blood and it doesnt have to look exactly like blood, it can come off the same way sparks come off something your grinding or welding. more enemy types is an obvious one, and heres a good one, even though their primary color is ORANGE, make them able to change colors based on emotions, so; perhaps when they see a comrad get killed they turn blue for a short second then quickly turn to red and come after you in a teleport of rage. when they kill you they turn green with delight. and this would also really make the promethian characters flush out in campaign. I actually have alot of different Ideas but I wanted to make it as simple as possible for it to read message me if you wanna hear some more of this stuff. I could actually go on for days about this and your awesome if you bothered to read it all.

Check out this vid and post some of your ideas.