Ways to improve the overall Multiplayer

Before we dive in, let me say, some of these changes are not mine, I have cherrypicked stuff that I have seen and mixed it all together to make (imho) the perfect Halo game for the next decade.

With that out of the way lets start out with customization.

Ranking system

There should be a way for f2p people to progress and get stuff without the BP or events. There should be a Reach like system of progression, each new level gives you access to a certain cosmetic piece, whether it is a weapon/vehicle skin, an armor piece, or an armor skin. No emblems, nameplates, ect. This system would go on for 50 and could increase overtime depending on how easy it takes to get to the top. This system would be focused on the score you get in matches.
Level 1. starts out at 5000 XP required to advance. Lets say you get 2000 score in a match. You now have 2000/5000 required to advance to Level 2. The required XP increases by 5000 every level so the final rank would require 250,000 XP. Each level would give you a reward (as said earlier) but every time you rise a level, the rarity/quality of the reward increases so the higher levels give f2p players access to high quality armor.


Purchasing the $60 campaign instead of the gamepass will give you access to a Master Chief armor kit along with everything in the kit, a Weapon AI, a Cortana AI, weapon/vehicle skins, emblems, nameplates, backdrops, armor skins, ect. Gamepass owners of the game do not gain these, giving players more reason to buy the $60 version, which also decreases the need to have such outrageous prices in the MP store.
Future DLCs also come with cosmetics (I.e. DLCs could come with a Spartan Locke kit, Red team kits, more weapon, vehicle, and armor skins, more emblems, nameplates, backdrops, everything. Flood DLC could come with zombie themed cosmetics, if we ever get playable Elites, campaign/DLCs could come with Elites skins and such, ect, ect, ect.)

Point system

A point system would wrap up the f2p progression and would open up avenues for 343/MS to gain more money, perhaps even more than they earn now.
You gain points for every battle won, every kill, every assist, and every time you play the objective, along with medals. The amount of points you get from medals would scale depending on the rarity and difficulty of the medal achieved. The Battlepass itself would remain unchanged mostly, aside from removing most of the filler content for more REAL content. The price of each BP level would change from 1000 XP to 500 points. The Premium BP price would remain unchanged.


Milestones gained through gameplay give you points. Example, play 1000 matches, gain 6000 points. There would be milestones for matches played/won, kills, assists, flags captures, Ghost kills, Warthog kills, splatters, ect, ect.


The store would be drastically different, with 3 sections that don’t rotate.

Special–Any cosmetic items that aren’t in Events or Battlepasses are put here.

Event–Items from past events are put here after the event ends. Further splits into all of the events (I.e. it splits into Fracture/Winter Contingency/Cyber Ops/ect/ect all of those sections contain content from those events. Fracture further divides into the past fractures. (I.e. Tenrai fracture/pass 2 fracture/pass 3 fracture, ect ect) )

Seasonal/Battlepass–Items from the past BPs come here and split into the different seasons (like the events)

A store bundle would contain every single item in the store at that time.
Section bundles include all the content in that section (Special Bundle, Event bundle, Seasonal Bundle)
Subsection bundles would include all content for that subsection (Fracture bundle, Winter Contingency bundle, Cyper Ops bundle, Season 1 bundle, Season 2 bundle, ect, ect)
Bundles would go down even farther, (Tenrai bundle, Season 2 fracture bundle, ect, ect)
Or you can buy every item separately, but the bundles have more content for the price. Bundles are also cheaper if you already have items from that bundle.
Different bundles would include the following: Coating bundle, Helmet bundle, Hip attachment bundle, Weapon skin bundle, ect, ect.


Coatings (armor, vehicle, weapons) remain the same but now become crosscore.

Cross core customization is now allowed, the option for core customization remains, you can turn this on via a filter in the armor hall.
Cores are now armor presets that can be saved. This allows for you to customize multiple different armors and save them for later (or, if you don’t want cross core customization, this allows you to keep the multiple different cores and customize them that way (i.e. Mark VII, Mark V (B), ect, ect)
When you receive kit from the BP, store, or the campaign (or campaign DLC) you receive not only that kit but also every armor piece that comes with that kit.

You can use multiple weapon/vehicle models at once as long as they don’t clip.
You can use up to 2 helmet attachments as long as they don’t clip.

Pregame lobbies

Pregame lobbies show the players that are in the lobby. You can hover over their name and see their nameplate, the Spartan they are running, the BP level of the BP they are progressing at the time, their military rank, how many battles they have played, and a chosen milestone.

Custom Pregame Lobbies

You can vote for the gamemodes you wish to play and then, once the gamemode(s) is voted for, you vote for the map.

Content drops

Each year should bring with it at LEAST 5 new gamemodes and 4 new maps. DLCs should also drop with at least a new map and gamemode.

That’s it. What do you think? How would these changes change your outlook on the game?

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Interesting idea with overall rank xp progression being tied to how much score you earn in game. I think 250k seems a bit low, someone can grind to max rank in a couple of weeks; adding 3 more zeros would suffice

250k for the final level alone. Each level you have to start over. So you get 5k XP to get to level 2, which is 6k. You now have to get 6k more xp. Most people won’t get to level 50 for awhile I would think, unless they play all day long. When a lot of people do get to level 50 though, 343 can add some levels. Or maybe they could add 1 level every month or so, something like that.

Let’s not turn it in some series that releases a new episode every week :joy: (episode = new level)

Have they explained how they will transition to each new season. I have a feeling that they would reset the levels, but I don’t know how that will work with going back to the previous season, unless there is a different 1-100 for each season.

Anyway, the idea was to have 100 levels attainable before the next season starts if you play enough. So, I’m not sure how the ideas presented here can play into that, but it sounds interesting

I think they need to make the grind as long as Halo 5 or MCC. It is a 10 year game after all

Unless you’re playing all day, it will be a decent grind. And as I said, they can add more levels every now and then to prevent players from stalling out. Besides, it isn’t a huge feature of the game, just something that allows players to gain free cosmetics

Lol, nah. If they do add something like that, 1 new level per month would be fine with me. 12 new levels a year, so at the end of 9 years, they would have added 108 levels to make it 158 levels in all.

No, they have not explained. But the levels for the BP don’t reset, it is a new BP entirely so you have to start that from the beginning. The previous BP will remain at the same level so you can finish it if you want.

I did the math, at the rate I play, I’ll be at level 80 by the end of 3 months, which is the normal length for a season. I’ll of course finish this season but other seasons, I’ll probably be behind. With this point system, it would allow me to get the full BP within 3 months but that doesn’t include events. So, me personally, will probably be behind with the seasons even with the new points system. But the ranking system will keep me supplied with fresh cosmetics. Also, the milestones will help me catch back up and perhaps even buy stuff from the store. The main point of the store revamp would be to let people who come into the game 5 years down the line to buy everything that they missed, giving MS/343 big chunks of money. You can also buy stuff that you missed from an event. But you still want to spend the points you earn on the BP or the events because they will be slightly more expensive when they enter the store

Right, my point is really that you don’t want a system that makes the max level unattainable before the next season starts. For many, they won’t play enough to reach max level, and I also see that as a problem. I think I’m at 25 but only cause of the holidays. I likely won’t reach 100 in 3 months, so it’s difficult to justify even getting the BP right now, plus with all the problems in the game.

I kind of feel like they should make the unlocks quicker and XP feel less important as compared to Rank level.

I only play 1 hour a day, 1.3 if you want to be precise. So I don’t think most people will have an issue with it

You also don’t want people finishing the BP super fast