Ways to implement split screen?

I am really pleased with 343 for prioritising 60fps with their dynamic resolution and all, but shouldn’t split screen take precedence? Given their emphasis on coop in the campaign, surely they should add split screen? Even if it is at 30fps many people including myself would be very happy.They must also allow it in forge, custom games and Spartan ops/ firefight. Some of you may disagree on this one, but I think there should be 2 player 30fps split screen for multiplayer even with the disadvantage. If you have any other alternatives or reasons why it should be included, leave them below.

There is already a split screen thread. Don’t create duplicate threads. As a Marine ranked forum member, you should know this.

There is a post about this. Its called “Official Split-Screen Thread V4.0”

And no, it really shouldnt take precedence. I havent played split screen in years. I understand Halo night is a thing, but seriously, 60 FPS is well worth it.

sorry, i didnt check

Use the splitscreen thread please. :slight_smile: