Ways of Making Halo 5 a Great game

Hey guys, before I start talking about where to improve the game I just want to tell you that the reason why I’m making this topic is because I love Halo. Halo is the reason I’m a gamer and I do not think other games could have made me a gamer. It is sad to see what is happening to Halo and the Community. Halo 5 is my 2nd favourite Halo game in terms of Multiplayer (Halo 3 still rules). I love the new abilites, the graphics, the maps pretty much everything but there is still one thing that lets Halo 5 Multiplayer down which is Lack of Content. Yes there are many maps, req variants, maps, but we still feel like we should have more. So here is a list of things that 343 Industries needs to add/improve/fix to make Halo 5 great•Classic playlists
•Classic weapons
•Social playlists
•Fixed Theatre
•More Warzone Game types (lets be honest, Warzone Assault is dead, Warzone Forefight is hard, buggy and unfair, Warzone is kinda fun but it getting boring now, I enjoy it but I stop after 2 Warzone game)
• Ranked Snipers
•Social SWAT (Whoever put SWAT as a ranked playlist is an idiot in my opinion)
•Husky Raid as an own playlist
•Forerunner land vehicles
You can add more things to the list if you want to but these are the things that came to my mind. Now I want to talk about some of the things on the list more in depth
Make a Survival gamemode (something like firefight but since we have Warzone Firefight they should pretty much make Classic Firefight but rename it)Classic Playlists: Juggernaut, Race, Richochet just a few examples of some of the classic gamemodes that needs to be included. If the older Halo games on the older, less powerful consoles could handle those gamemodes then there is no excuses for Halo 5 not to include it.Classic Weapons: Yes we do have some Classic weaponw such as Halo CE Magnum, Halo 2 beam rifle, Halo 2 BR etc but I still feel like we need some weapons from older Halo games such as Plasma Rifle (yeah that weapon was trash I know), Grenade Launcher, Needler Rifle, and many more.Social Playlists: After adding Deranking (which was a good choice in my opinion) now I do not just want it but to demand non ranked playlists such as Slayer, SWAT, Doubles etc. I hate it when none of my friends online but I still want to play some Slayer but I can’t because I do not want to rank down. Yes there are other game modes but Halo 3 had Ranked and Non-Ranked playlists so why can’t Halo 5 can?Forerunner land vehicles: Yes we do have many forerunner weapons and Phateon but it’s frustrating for me to see that some of the Forerunner bosses use UNSC and Covenant vehicles. You don’t see an Elite or a UNSC Marine driving a Phateon. So I thought there could be some land Forerunner vehiclesNow I will talk about some things that I did not include on the list ON PURPOSE.REQ System. I don’t mind REQ Packs but I want some changes on it.1. You should only buy it with REQ Points. I do not want to see anyone buying it for real money. Are we as blind as FIFA gamers who spend s**t loads of money for FIFA Point so they can get Messi or Ronaldo in a pack even tho they can use him in offline gamemodes and Online seasons?2. We should only get weapon and vehicle varients and power ups in REQ Packs.3. Remove some of the useless REQ Varients for starting weapons4. Do not include armor pieces, assasinations, stances, emblems and skins in REQ Packs, for armor pieces you should reach a certain Spartan Rank (so Spartan Rank can actually be a useful thing) so you can purchase them with REQ Points only. For Assasinations, Stances, Emblems and Skins, you should do some challenges to earn them.So these are the things that can make Halo 5 a great game. Before anyone thinks that I’m saying Halo 5 is garbage, no I do not think that. I love Halo 5, i play it on a daily basis with friends but I still think that there are some key features thats missing.So what do you guys think of my ideas? Did I miss out something? Do you guys think that there are many more ideas? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading this

Here’s my opinion

  • Classic weapons - Maybe. It would add more reqs and make the game more buggy. What classic reqs are you referring to? also, classic reqs like the SPnKR are not very different to the standard one. If they added rarer versions that are incredibly powerful (like the h2 br) I think more people would cry that Halo 5 is even more pay to win and that 343 are playing the memory card as their large ditch effort to try to get more people to play. Sorry for the horribly explained point :confused: - Social Playlists - Yes. 343 are so focused on the HCS and HWC that they have forgotten about us that just want to kick back and relax. - Fixed theater - No reason not to, other than another patch and more gigs (Halo 5 is more than 80 gigs now!). - Warzone gametypes - I suppose. It couldn’t hurt. - Ranked snipers - YES. This would stop 1337 mlg pros being matched up with noobs. - Social swat - See above ^ - Husky Raid - It depends. If 343 fix the gametype I’m sure they could do it or make it a ctf variant. - Forerunner Land vehicles - Yet again, sure.These are just my opinions and I’m not trying to bash you in any way.

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