Waypount Infinite customization needs an update

The waypoint app allows you to customize your HI spartan but it looks terrible, doesn’t allow you to use the helmet attachments, wont show any of the season 2 armor, and the rakshasha core wont even show(it shows a low polly green, untextured mark VII core) and the pc just doesn’t have it at all.


Alongside the launch of Season 2, the Halo Waypoint app will also be updated with some minor improvements. This update will also disable the Customization feature for Halo Infinite in the app, and it will be disabled in web browsers as well. The Halo Waypoint team is planning to bring this feature back as soon as possible. Stay tuned to https://twitter.com/HaloSupport for the latest news on updates and review our Halo Waypoint web and mobile experiences https://support.halowaypoint.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407744635540 article for more information."


The whole waypoint app was just glitchy with the infinite customization, glad they changed it.