Waypoints Final Say: What's the BEST Halo FPS? (POLL)

Well fellow Spartans, the time is almost upon us for all Halo discussion here to end. And that means it’s time for you to have the FINAL say.

The question is simple. What’s the best Halo FPS of all time? The criteria is for you to decide, feel free to comment your details if you want. (No MCC because that’s such a cop out answer :sweat_smile:).

  • Halo: Combat Evolved (Anniversary)
  • Halo: Combat Evolved PC
  • Halo 2 (Anniversary)
  • Halo 2: Vista
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo Reach
  • Halo 4
  • Halo 5
  • Halo 5: Forge PC
  • Halo Infinite

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Reach for me was the best overall experience. It had a great campaign that utilized your custom Spartan that you truly got to customize to be exactly as you wanted them to be. It had the best forge on launch day one with amazing steps forward with new options and tools. The multiplayer was fun and well balanced, but not without it’s questionable and discussable flaws.

It was just an all around good game that I never really had serious complaints about… well until 343i took over and did a TU that added bleed through which broke vehicle combat even more. It broke it in such a way that I recorded a clip and turned it over to them for them to look into the event. A couple weeks later they stated that due to an issue with how vehicles and player health work that an unfixable bug had emerged and bleed through would have to be removed.

Also I got my clip “Moatacular” featured on Bungie’s weekly update as “Moa Mowdown”. It was great. I still have that clip. I think it’s still up on YouTube…
Yup still there. And I just went through the comments and someone mentioned that it was in another video. Which it was and they actually credit my gamertag.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iicdjOtqvDk at 3:50


For me; I voted for Halo 3 overall.
BEST Campaign story… probably Reach.
BEST Multiplayer experience… definitely Halo 3.

Reminds me of GTA1 when you get a Gouranga! lol



Halo 3 had the best Coop and Single Player
Halo Infinite is my favorite PVP Multiplayer
Halo Reach was my favorite for Fire Fight


ODST is my favorite all time
Halo 5 is Goated, its simply the best Multiplayer ever!


This poll gives me anxiety. If I actually try to answer this question my brain may just melt.


That’s kinda why I made it :smiling_imp:.

You’ve been here too long not to vote though, so click a bubble! You don’t have to tell anyone what you pick :innocent:



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Halo 2 is my favourite, but it has to be Reach.

If you ignore gameplay grievances for a moment, it simply just offered the most to players. Great Campaign. Great Multiplayer — both online and local; PvP and PvE. Great customisation. Great community features. Great Forge. Great UI. Great stat tracking through service records. Great incentive to play, with both the simple but effective ranks; commendations; and challenges. It’s just the best all-round Halo game.


To me, Halo Guardians has the most intense, diverse, and engaging multiplayer suite out of all 6, mainline games… and I don’t think it’s even close. The emphasis it puts on precise player movement and using the map design to your benefit is unlike any other Halo game when playing deathmatch… and on top of that there’s the completely separate and distinct Breakout maps and the endlessly re-playable Warzone.
It simply doesn’t get better than that with multiplayer.

As far as single player, I think Halo 4 has the deepest narrative and ends with an emotional impact that’s only rivaled by the ending of Halo Reach.

  • CE is best overall I think.
  • Reach had a very good campaign that comes very close to CE.
  • H5 is a very close second in the mp department.

Calling slayer deathmatch while claiming Halo 5 is the best MP makes so much sense.

don’t be such a clown… deathmatch/slayer, you know what I meant.
also, why be ‘that guy’ that just can’t help himself from trashing someone
else’s opinion?
civil thread, people giving different answers and then here you come lol.
rather than be a -Yoink!-, how 'bout just leaving an answer like the rest of us
and moving along.


I’m probably going to have to go with Halo 1. It is not just that the game is all around amazing (the campaign was by far the best and the MP was one of the funnest ever) it was also the memories that came with it. I spent so much time on Halo 1 customs and some many of my best gaming moments came from that. I would say some honorable mentions would be Halo reach for its amazing campaign and soundtrack. Also Halo 5 and Infinite for their fluent and really fun multiplayers and finally ODST for its soundtrack and cool campaign.

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Where the heck is CE (non anniversary because the anniversary is unfaithful to the original) on console?!


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OH NO!!!
another forum tough guy!


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hands down no questions asked. Never felt like that playing the campaign or multiplayer against friends and family in my house. I miss and love it.


Halo 5 may suck harder than a Moa bird on some tree leaves, but don’t trash the guy’s opinion. This place is for civil discussion, even if that which is being discussed is ridiculous.


Halo 5 is my favorite. I feel like it hit a sweet spot for new and old players. It had basically everything from every game except for a few enemies or sticky detonator. Oh poor sticky detonator.

It had good playlists, menus, players, assassinations, movement, and the Spartan abilities really felt great to use (OPINION). The music also was great.

It had a pretty good campaign, being able to play as fireteam Osiris and Blue team, fighting covenant and prometheans. Man I miss prometheans.

I will say that Halo 4 has my favorite soundtrack though (OPINION). I like how it takes such a different turn in sound because of the inclusion of all the forerunner stuff.

I’m excited to see season 3 in just 2 days for Infinite. It’s turning around quickly in a good direction.