Is Halo Waypoint Broken, I log in most days and the forums show no ACTIVITY, what’s going on?

What do you mean by no activity OP? Most forums on here are quite populated with replies every day

Ok I log on everyday and on “all forums/ featured topics” it’s been Assassination as the top topic and the two topics underneath haven’t changed either since December 14th, I usually come on here for a bit of banter and to see what’s NEW. And as far as I can see nothing is new since 12/14/2016. peace out

Ah ok, the featured topics are no longer governed by post frequency popularity, 343 now manually selects a few topics to feature from around the forums. As most of the team are on holiday at the moment, they likely won’t change until the teams return. There’s still plenty of activity though, just browse through each forum and look for something interesting to post in. Lots of active topics right now

Thanks for the feedback, as I said I logged in and used the Featured Topics as my starting point, cheers mate. Happy Gaming peace out LBC