Waypoint Website gives me error page in chrom


I was wondering if anyone can help. I was able to access the waypoint app on chrome up until a few months ago. But one way it just stopped working. It works ok on IE but to be honest I am sick of having to switch browser ever time I want to look at waypoint. My latest error code is


Hope someone can help


Hello There, Have you tried to delete your history along with your cookies,empty your cache ect, if not please do it and then try to access the app

Yeah done all that already. It’s just not on one PC it’s on every PC i try

Is it any add-ons you have that may be affecting it?

If not you may need to use another browser for a test, see if it’s chrome that’s doing it or something else.

I had a similar problem with Chrome.

Try this:

Disable all the extensions for Chrome. See if it works then. If it does, simply enable the extensions one by one until you find the one causing the problem. For me it was the Realplayer downloader extension.