Waypoint unable to show Reach screenshots?

Okay. So I tried to load up the file browser on chrome with the intent of looking at my recent screenshots of Halo: Reach.

However in any mode for screenshot viewing. The screenshots come up as broken links. And when I try to open the image in a new tab, the site there says:

“404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

This has happened for all twenty three images of Halo: Reach I have tried to view.

Did 343i stop supporting Reach screenshots, or is it an error server-side?

Would like help if there is any advice. And to save time the only add-on I have is Adblock and it’s disabled on all halo domains, and I last cleared everything a few minutes prior to this.

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I also checked and it’s not just me, Demise and I am sure others have the same issue and Furiousn00b mentioned a fix, but no screenshots at all are showing up for Halo: Reach unless in either Large or Small. Medium and Full are broken likely server-side.

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So. Just to help this be resolved I figured I would share what the issue is.
This is the link example of what Halo: Reach uses to share files.

If the size remains on full, or medium. It errors, substitute it for small or large and it works. Now you may think this may have it so the Halo 4 screenshots should’ve broken too, the reason it doesn’t is because Halo 4 uses the following link.


It won’t work as it doesn’t have a user or user data, but notice the severe difference in the link URL’s. They also have the quotation marks around them to break the links so they aren’t clicked on accident.

Hey Rock,

Thanks for letting us know, we’re investigating this issue now to see what’s going on.

Hey Rock, the screenshot issue should be resolved now, let us know if you’re still unable to see them.

I can see them. Thanks for the help and will let you know if anything else goes awol. :smiley: