Waypoint Switches Language...

  • Title of Post: Waypoint switches language

  • Platform: Halo Waypoint.com, main page only

  • Description: After looking at a thread that linked to a fileshare (this thread) and enjoying the items within, upon returning to Waypoint, I noticed that all of the headings and such were in French.

  • Expected Result: Waypoint’s headings should be in english.

  • Actual Result: Waypoint’s headings, on the main page only, are in French.

  • Relevant Software: Google Chrome

Is this a confirmed bug or has anyone else experienced this issue and/or found a solution?

Hi Andycu5,

The link you posted was generated in French localization, so it applied that language to Waypoint when you navigated there. If you scroll to the very bottom of the front page, you’ll see the country that the site is currently localized for on the right. You can click on that field to update it to the region of your choice.