Waypoint Sub-Objectives Tracker

So I’m stuck at 99%.

The mission I was missing 1 objective on was “One Three Zero”

The in-game menu told me, before I replayed this mission, that I was missing one of the three Optional Objectives.
I just completed it, on Normal, and successfully completed all 7 objectives.

In the in-game mission selection menu, as I scroll through, shows that I have all secondary objectives complete.
The only exception now being Operation: Spearbreaker - Not on my Watch. I am missing one optional objective.

I thought the green circle thing on waypoint didn’t include the DLC for tracking. (The sub-objectives are stuck at 64/65).
Is waypoint tracking glitched, or do I need to complete that DLC sub-objective as well?

PS. I had completed One Three Zero previously on Legendary, without completing all of the objectives.
Will this create an issue?

Waypoint only seems to think there are 6 sub-objectives for that level. Is this going to be an issue?

Thanks for any help!

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