Waypoint stats are incomplete

My haunted helmet looks terrible, and the color is wrong

I can’t see how many killing sprees-unfrigs I have. It just shows weapon sprees
I can’t see how many skullamanjaros or perfections I have. only legendary medal that shows up is killionare

I can’t see any of my stats on newer gametypes like super slayer and squad DLC

I can’t see my file share anywhere on waypoint either

on top of that its not as user friendly and easy to navigate as bungie.net was.

Bungie.net was perfect for stats. Do what they did. period.
And if you are at least going to just have a terrible stat tracker for Reach, have a good one for Halo 4.

I agree… but the franchise was just handed over to them so cut them some slack. In time, I am sure these small glitches will be fixed.

I agree, I miss b.net for the stats, waypoint is lame replacement thus far…

The lack of stats is quite frustrating, I hope they will make the stats on here as good as they were B.net. I couldn’t love halo the same without stats.

I would greatly appreciate if they added the h3 trueskill number rank and the exp rank here on waypoints stats. Also the Halo Wars rank would be nice to see.

343 said they will be adding the file browsing system to waypoint over the summer, considering that will be a fairly large overhaul, I’m sure they’ll also add tracking fir the stats they don’t currently support.

Yeah I really hope this gets fixed. I need stats, it’s vital to my playing of Halo 3 and Reach.

I reckon they aren’t gonna let a thing like killing spree medals go. They know players are hell bent on following them… They must be coming some time or another.