Waypoint stat tracker not working

I spent some time looking through topics here and couldn’t find anything that helped. Granted, the lack of a usable forum search didn’t really help anything.

Anyway, no matter what browser, operating system, or device I use to try to load it, the Halo 4 stat tracker won’t load for me. I’ve tried it in every browser if have access to. Every mobile browser available on android 4.0 says “This page cannot be displayed in this browser” which basically means that the waypoint androind app is useless.

On my pc, it actually gives an error code instead of just saying “Nope, you’re wasting your time even trying.” I’m pretty bummed out that I can’t look at my stats online, so I’m hoping there’s some way to fix it. I’m REALLY bummed out that my file share isn’t online, but I guess Bungie had some sort of magic that they took with them.

The error code I keep getting is 66C79680-A58C-48CF-812B-D71E4612A8F9, if that helps.