Waypoint Staff list

I am accustomed to Forums providing a list of the relevant staff user names - Admin, Mods, Super Mods, Medium Mods, Mom Mods, etc.

Is that type of a list available and I’ve simply overlooked it? If so, my sincerest of apologies.

(I realize I can view certain emblems next to a poster’s text, in a thread, to determine Mod or not. That isn’t what I’m referring to.)

Thanks faceless and nameless Forum Team, for any information you’re able to provide.

There’s a list of mods here but I guess that’s kind of in a slightly obscure place…

Admin wise, Forum Team, bs angel, rukizzel, and MM Systems Team are the main ones used.

Alternatively, you can use the Members page to sort by Role which has Admins, Mods, Members, and Cartographers listed.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I was looking for. Turns out I did overlook the ability to filter and search the member list.

I appreciate the quick reply.