Waypoint Service Record Not Updating Past Games


My service record isn’t reflecting my Halo 3: ODST or Halo Reach service record. I’ve gone back on the games in hopes of Waypoint syncing with it to no avail. Is there anything official regarding this issue? Thanks.


Mine is doing the same, for around a week or so now! Give them time I’m sure it will be fixed soon :grinning:


I’m sure it’s just because of the new site. Give it some time and hopefully eventually everything will be up and running.

I hope this is fixed soon. I would like my Halo Reach record to reflect accurately again.

I’m suspecting it’s just a side effect of bringing up the new site? I’m hopeful this is just temporary, and that it is eventually updated. Has there been anything official on this yet?

Check again!

My Legacy Service records appear somewhat fixed (my Reach and Halo 3 are correct again.)

I still says I’ve only beat Halo 5 on Normal (I’ve done Solo Legendary and have all the achievements) and it has a glitched Halo: CEA but it’s definitely an improvement.