Waypoint not recording stats

Hey guys, I dont know if this has been asked before and I didnt search cause doing so searches the whole site buuuut, is there a fix for waypoint not keeping detail of challanges completed and other stats.

My issue is that I have done the champaign challanges ‘Dawn on legendary’ and ‘Thunderstruck skull on heroic or higher’ yet waypoint shows they havnt been started and I have no champaign stats at all even though I have the achievements for the first 3 missions completed on legendary. It also hasnt recorded any Spartan ops, but shows that I have started the challenges for killing grunts and elites.

Is there a fix for this or has 343/MS acknowledged the issues?

The whole thing is a mess tbh. I have same prob as you plus waypoint doesnt even show that i have anything from odst but XBL says i have near all achievements unlocked.

Yea, thats the other thing I forgot to mention. All of my Halo 3 and Reach milestones are gone too.

I hope they fix this and/or backdate the exp I should have been awarded for completion of the challnges since I have done them.

im missing reach and halo 3 data. it’s also not tracking my commendations correctly. 400+ kills with the dmr in slayer and it says i have 13.

on top of that the layout is the worst thing i have ever seen in my entire life…