Waypoint needs complete OVERHAUL

I find that I’m highly disappointed and completely frustrated when I access waypoint through each and every app I try (website, Iphone App, and xbox app). The App is consistently … .

  1. Way too Slow
  2. Not organized in a way that allows for quick retrieval of stats and info.
  3. There’s way too much B.S. on any one screen that slows every thing down. The buttons, graphics and fluff on each tab or subscreen is way too large to allow efficient use of the screen space.

Here are some suggestions . . .

  1. Increase your information density per page
  2. Minimize page load time & reload time
  3. Decrease your click count to the lowest subtiered info

If you can’t figure this out. Allow other developers to create websites or apps. Bungie did it that way and it worked. Their stats page was great and third parties made great Iphone apps. Every one of your apps sucks. I would try to encourage you to fix it but I don’t think you can. So my ultimate recommendation is to allow 3rd parties to do it.

Oddly enough, Waypoint’s Halo 4 statistics section was designed by a third party. If you click the little information icon in the bottom left on your service record, the third party I linked to is listed.

I absolutely agree, though. I’m all for having eye-candy and pretty graphics, but there’s not much that the aforementioned prettiness can do when it takes 30 seconds for it to do a single thing. I’d much rather have my stats laid out on an Excel spreadsheet than how it currently is. Not only for the sake of speed, but then I’d be able to find a certain stat rather than dig for it.

However, it’s clear that 343i is listening to recommendations, though, and that they are working to create a usable interface that not only looks nice, but runs great. I’d say give it a few months, and we’ll have something excellent!

Another third party doing something that we thought 343i did? What a shocker. -_-

Regardless, I like nice looking things, but the stats page is just too flashy. Keep it simple like Bungie did. Hell, blatantly copy it if you have to, it was very clear and to the point.