Waypoint milestone reset to 1/no achivements

Hello I noticed that my milestone was reset to 1 and none of my achievements for past Halo titles show up on Waypoint. I first noticed this issue a week before the release of Halo 4. I thought it would fix its self but it never did. If anyone has any idea how or why this happened please tell me. Thank you.

It’s the same for me !..

same but not to level 1, just a few games. mainly halo wars and halo 3 and aniversary aren’t showing up. help 343!

Ya same for me, when I launched halo waypoint from the xbox it said there was an update, so I closed it and updated it. It re launched the new version of it and when looking at my milestones it says I was a level 1. All achievements for all games were not tracked. Even under the classified area with the alpha halo terminals it said I needed to view the terminals in halo anniversary, which I already done cause my xbox has those achievements unlocked, but it says 0/14 unlocked.

Another thing it keeps doing is tells me i need to be signed into xbox live to even run the app, I check and I am signed in and logged into xbox live at the time. The app doesn’t recognize this and will not let me view waypoint on the xbox. This started happening yesterday evening.

I have the same issue but I’ve found a temporary solution: clear the hdd cache. Cleaning the cache resets all the achievements stored locally forcing the update from server. After rebooting the console all the achievements in Halo Waypoint are correctly shown. The only problem is that you have to repeat the procedure every time you want your achievments updated in your Waypoint career… :frowning:



Only my halo 4 and halo reach achievements seem to be showing up correctly. The rest of my halo games are not :confused:

Thanks for the info. I would prefer a permanent fix for this. Hope 343 fixes this.