Waypoint Message System

The message system in waypoint is miserable and hard to utilize above and beyond one message to one person or a mass communication that could be posted in the company forums to a spartan company.
When people start replying, you have no idea if they replied to everyone, all the leadership, just you, or just a few of the leadership…who knows.
It’s super confusing, I always put “hey, I’m also including xxx and xxx and xxx so they are in on this” but then I get a reply and don’t know if they replied to everyone or just me or what.
Make it more like very simple email, where you can reply, reply all, forward, and see who it is to and who is cc’d.
That’s it, this system is way more complicated than regular email, allow me to have an address book of friends or something as well, I have to type gamertags over and over and most of them aren’t simple.

Anyone else hate messaging because it lacks ease of use?