Waypoint Menu Option from Halo 4 crashing?

Anyone else experience this?

Anyway, when I try to hit the waypoint option from the halo 4 menu it freezes my 360 and I have to power cycle it. Completely unresponsive and not an isolated incident. It has happened 4 or 5 times now. Any ideas?

FYI: my console is part of the xbox live beta and received the current system update over the summer before it was released to the general public. Can’t think of any other reason it could be crashing.

Help! And THANK YOU for an otherwise incredible game and overall experience.

no man, your not alone. its has never worked for me, was not in the beta either. probably just launch bugs though.

Good to know. Hopefully that means THEY know about it and will be correcting it in the coming weeks. At least it launches ok from the XBL console menu.

We have found that this problem occurs when you have Disk 1 of Halo4 installed to your hard drive. The chances of this problem occurring increase if you play any of the content from Disk 2 (Infinity: Wargames or Spartan Ops) but can still occur even if you only play Campaign.

The issue is known, and the appropriate team has been notified, but I don’t know the timetable on a fix.

The only workarounds at the moment are to not install Disk 1, or to only launch Waypoint console app from the dashboard.

Well at least someone has provided an update on this issue.

I tweeted to @HaloWaypoint about this issue on launch night and eventually got a response. They suggested deleting Waypoint from the Xbox and re-installing it. I did as instructed. I proceeded to launch Waypoint from the dashboard, then launch Halo 4 from within Waypoint, then launch Waypoint from within Halo 4. All worked as it should so I figured it was fixed. I was wrong. The very next time I tried to launch Waypoint from within Halo 4 my Xbox crashed (froze on a black screen and stopped responding). So I deleted and re-installed both Waypoint and the LE FUD key. Fixed again. Just once. Back to crashing on subsequent attempts.

So, last week BSangel posts the 11.8.12 Halo Bulletin. She writes in the Halo 4 Housekeeping section of the bulletin,

“<mark>My Xbox crashes every time I try to go to Halo Waypoint from Halo 4. Fix it!</mark>
<mark>You fix it! You can do that by deleting Halo Waypoint and reinstalling it.</mark>”

Well, I’ve already tried that twice without a permanent fix. So back to you 343i, You fix it! It’s you product, your service, your responsibility to fix it. Once this problem is fixed I would like to see BSangel address it again in the Halo Bulletin with correct details on the bug/fix and an apology for her rash, and rude, comment on 11.8.12.