Waypoint mail problems

I’ve been having trouble with my email linked to my Halo Waypoint account. My Waypoint inbox doesn’t appear to actually be working. Whenever I post on a topic and select the “Watch this topic and receive notifications of activity via e-mail” option, I never get those notifications in either my Waypoint inbox or Outlook inbox (which is linked to my Waypoint account). As of yet, I have not received one message indicating that my Waypoint account is actually connected to my inbox.

Can anyone help with this? It’s a little frustrating trying to keep track of which threads I’m posting and replying on without updates and notifications, so if anyone can help me figure this out, I’d appreciate it very much.

The email notifications haven’t worked in a long time.

> The email notifications haven’t worked in a long time.

Oh, OK. Thanks for the tip. Any idea whether the Waypoint team plan to fix this?

It’s probably pretty low on their list of things to fix.

This feature is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.