Waypoint Login issues

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Very strange. I do know that in the first days of the website’s makeover, people were logging in and seeing themselves on somebody els’s account. Sometimes, when browsing the forums, they would see postings from their own profile that they’ve never posted before. That’s the extent of my knowledge on it though, and I’m not sure if your ban is actually applied to you.

Thank you for the reply,

This appears to be what I’m encountering, shortly after updating and logging out of everything, changing passwords, etc it appears the problem is resolved.

But just trying to bring it to other attention so that when they encounter it they know they are not alone.

Same I was not in my account for a few hours then got back into my account. Idk why that happened but that was when the new waypoint came out.

It’s a known issue.

Search for the ‘THOUGHTS ON NEW WAYPONT?’ thread and some of the posts from the Mods about the issue are in there.