Waypoint Launching on Dashboard - Bug?

Hey all,

Wasnt sure whether to ask on twitter but needed to characters :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering if there is a bug with waypoint in the “My community” section where the launcher is?

What I refer to is that all other launchers/apps on this dashboard tab launch automatically however the waypoint one brings up the “You’ve already purchased this item” download dialog screen where I can either “Play Now” or “Download Again”.

Previously I don’t recall waypoint doing this and launching straight away like the other items in the my community tab, is anyone else experiencing this or know if this is intentional?

I believe this is because that tab you’re talking about is an advertisement for Waypoint, and not the actuall thing, thus, when you hit “A”, it thinks you want to download it. However, since you have already downloaded it, they are asking you if you want to download again.

The actual launch for the Waypoint application is found under the Game Library. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s the place that has all your arcade games and such.


Its a bit strange that its the only thing on this tab to do this, even the Guitar Hero and Rock Band storefront games/apps launch straight off and they are in the games library too :confused:

I’ve just experimented as I also have a US gamertag, the waypoint app boots normally (straight away) with my US tag as it should normally so it appears to be a localisation bug as its just my UK tag which boots it differently

Confirmed, UK account. Ive been meaning to make a thread about it.

Whats strange is that it used to launch directly from my community, but stopped after the last waypoint update. Its really annoying

Bump for any update progress