Waypoint Halo Wars 2 Sub-Objectives Tracker

I’ve posted elsewhere, but I really think this is a Waypoint tracking issue, not the game itself.

So I’m stuck at 99%.

The mission I was missing 1 objective on was “One Three Zero.”
The in-game menu told me, before I replayed this mission, that I was missing one of the three Optional Objectives.

I just completed it, on Normal, and successfully completed all 7 objectives. In the in-game mission selection menu, as I scroll through, shows that I have all secondary objectives complete.

The only exception now being Operation: Spearbreaker - Not on my Watch. I am missing one optional objective. I thought the green circle thing on Waypoint didn’t include the DLC for tracking. (The sub-objectives are stuck at 64/65).

Is Waypoint tracking glitched, or do I need to complete that DLC sub-objective as well?

PS. I had completed One Three Zero previously on Legendary, without completing all of the objectives.
Will this create an issue? Do I need to complete all 7 objectives on Legendary? (sounds really hard)

Waypoint seems to think there are only 6 sub-objectives for that level, but there are 7. Is this going to be an issue?

Thanks for any help!

Playing in North America
GT AshamanND
Generally playing on X1, although I have played it a little on PC. That said, all of the above mission completions mentioned were on X1.

[second Edit]

It looks as though there are a couple more missions that do not line up with the total number of objectives.

A New Enemy on Waypoint is listed as 8 sub-objectives - but I count 7.
Ascension on Waypoint is listed as 7 sub-objectives - but I count 8.

I don’t think these ones represent the issue of 64/65 unlocked for me though, as I stated at the beginning, I had them all listed as complete on the in-game menu other than 1 on One Three Zero.

The other thing to mention, is that I count up 66 sub-objectives, not what Waypoint has listed at 65…

Wondering if you guys might be able to shed any light on this?


Nomis2005 - Any insight?

Same thing for me, and A Lot Extra hasn’t popped when it should have.

Having the same issue here. Stuck at 99% on waypoint. Did you find the solution for this?