waypoint glitch

Ok I looked 3 pages in, so I did try to find the right topic for this, but I couldn’t so I am making one. I can’t stay on waypoint when I go on it through XBL. I get on and probably less than 1 minute after it has loaded I get kicked off it, pretty much it sends me back to the main menu, the first one where you have to press start, not the second one that has actual info. Because of this I have not been able to enjoy waypoint in a very long time. It started back when that big update for waypoint happened, I think in the fall.

What region are you in?

Do you mean the crashing servers? This glitch has been going on since waypoint first opened. It should only happen once per use, though. After you get kicked out the first time, you should be able to use it normally.

> What region are you in?

I have the same issue all the time. Seems like most of my friends do too who are all across the USA. Not sure why region matters, but I’m on the East Coast, EST, in the PA/NJ/MA area.