Waypoint Glitch from milestone 46 to 32

My achievements from halo anniversary & others aren’t showing up on waypoint (still show up on my profile)! Having problems with CE, witch I mentioned in the appropriate forum. I am beta testing the new live dashboard. Who do talk to or where do I go to in order to fix this?

Go to this link


I posted a response regarding the issue. its a glitch in the system.

You gliched from milestone 46 to 32 and you complain.

I just found out that I gliched from milestone 75 with maximum Halo Gamerscore to Level 1 with 0 (ZERO) Halo Gamerscore.

Now, thats what I call a GLITCH! ;D

Just made a topic on this myself, glad I’m not the only one I’ve gone from 70 something to 36, scratch that I’m at 20 now. It just keeps going down.