Waypoint Failing Causing Failing Challenges

The Waypoint site and App is so slow, unreliable, and buggy “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.” that I fail my own challenges. If Halo 4 is as bad as this site, I will not buy it, for if I did I would probably vomit to death in revulsion from having paid $60 for something that is eternally frustrating and buggy.

edit: corrected error message I have been receiving for weeks

Having the same issue, my buddy and I were running some challenges, and we were a little over halfway and the site went “under maintenance”. Total BS considering there is no way to contact 343, at least that’s what the Xbox associate I talked to said… So, I wasted 3 hours for pretty much nothing. Not happy at all.

The site is due an upgrade which should be coming sometime before November 6th which will likely fix all these issues.

I have no idea what the maintenance did last week, because it seems to make everything for for a whopping few days, then we are back to slow loading times, Server Errors and general bad performance on the website.

@iBoomstiik, the Xbox associate was useless then, he should have re-directed you to this websites forums, the 343i team actively read them and respond if needed, if you think it is important enough and you’re not getting a response, PM either bs angel or rukizzel, they’ll sort you out.

as far as i can tell, the credits went through, although I did not turn in the challenges, When i logged off earlier, I was at 87k credits, now I’m at 114k, so I think all is well.

In all honesty I’m kind of tired of blanket statements like “update sometime before November 6th that SHOULD fix all the issues.” Somehow I don’t think it’ll fix all the issues, and I see it creating more. So many companies have this type of statement and mentality, I can’t let myself get sucked up in the hype of it anymore.

I am getting the same thing. I made 2 challenges and none of my kills registered. I hope they go through b/c I know I made both of them.

It came back up last night and it was working, but now if I make challenges on the site, they do not register anything towards completing them, they do not register on the Waypoint App at all, and I cannot complete them… this is awesome

I’m very disappointed in the site too. Custom challenges specifically. I feel confident that it will be functioning correctly in time for Halo 4 when the mainstream crowd are back (instead of us few hardcore folks still playing Reach). 343 are obviously a little complacent with it because in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t as much as a priority as it will be in a few weeks when Halo 4 is out in the wild. If we continue to get problems at that point THERE WILL BE ENDLESS RAGING. It seems to be a new trend to release buggy games, (I don’t really buy many games but crysis 2 & battlefield 3 on PC are complete nightmares) for some reason I just feel that Halo 4 is going to be a smooth release. 343 need an awesome start. I want them to set an example and raise the benchmark to other developers rushing buggy games out thinking they can get away with it.