Waypoint exclusive content?

For H4, would you like a waypoint exclusive gametype or addition that only unlocks for those registered on halo waypoint? The ZB was this for a limited time, only waypoint knew about it, but by this I mean:
Special gametype for customs=escort, invasion etc. Or a special effect=White flames, special gun flash for each weapon (e;g: assault rifle has muzzle flash of rockets) etc.

Why? What good is it really going to do? If anything it would just split the playerbase.

I dont know why should some features be only for Halo Waypoint ‘‘members’’ because Halo Waypoint is free and doesnt really require any dedication whatsoever. Im going to say no, but the ideas werent so bad.

I wouldn’t mind it, Bungie did the nameplate for Bungie Members only, I wouldn’t mind seeing that back again but some newer style plates. But I wanna keep my “HALO” nameplate

Nameplate and a few armor pieces wouldn’t be bad. Not a whole gametype though, that’s a little to big IMO, maybe just one week early or something if they decide o do new gametypes.

I wouldn’t mind armor, or even a new version of nameplates, something like a customizable background when people view your service record (and ineffect your spartan) but nothing like rocket flare on an AR

Armour/Armour effects/nameplate-type-things only. Waypoint is a free site so it shouldnt be a big deal.