Waypoint does not let ctrl + v

Hey there!

Like the topic says, the forums does not let me ctrl+c from word and ctrl+v into the forum.
It always says new members can not uploade pictures. But i only want to copy paste my text from word since I were using it for orthography and that it does not get lost. Does anyone has run into a similar problem?
It is kinda frustrating since I was writing my feedback for 2h.


I typed this comment in Word and copied it to Waypoint. I did use the online version as I don’t have Office, though that shouldn’t make any difference.

Was what you copied all text? Any Emojis? :thinking:Any special characters or symbols that the forum software might see as an image rather than text?

no just normal Text no emojis and the only special character is this: `

If you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 11, press the Window key (the one with the Windows logo on it) and press ‘v’ - this should bring up the clipboard. Click the ‘Clear all’ button - this should clear your clipboard.

Once you’ve cleared the clipboard, try copy and paste again and see if you get the error.

I did it now with copy paste from word into online office and from there it worked xD

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