Waypoint Connectivity Mandatory

I bought the LE of Halo 4 at launch. One of the reasons i picked up the LE was that it came with the full edition of Forward Unto Dawn. I purposely didn’t watch any of the episodes because i didn’t want to watch it episodic. I didn’t know, however, that it would be a code to unlock it via streaming via waypoint. I am in the minority here but I don’t have an internet connection and when i do it’s beyond slow. For me, that one thing ruined Halo 4 for me. Streaming is great for Netflix but with this it feels unnecessary. As it is i will have to wait till they release a disc version, which i understand to be in early December. If there was an option to download I would be much happier because i wouldn’t have to rebuy the movie.
This leads me to my next criticism. Spartan Ops. It’s a very cool addition but it has to be connected to the internet so it can stream. If 343 were to give an option to download so you could play offline i think it would make a significant improvement in replayability.
Another thing is the terminals. Viewable only through waypoint? That’s ridiculous. If you discover them you should be able to view them. I think it’s very unwise for 343 to do this. I realize I’m in the very small minority of Halo fans who have this problem but it makes me feel like 343 left me out in the cold. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

If anyone from 343 reads this, please know that all i ask is to give us a download to local hard disk option instead of streaming.