Waypoint Community Carnage: European Open; a gauge of interest! Please respond!

Hey guys! For a while, I’ve mentioned that I’m going to host an European alternative to our regular gamenights, as the schedule for those aren’t the best suited for us over here, lest we consume numerous quadpacks of Red Bulls and cupfulls of sugar.

So, I’ve finally gotten around to start messing around with this idea, thus this thread has been created. This thread is to gauge the interest level among general members, and the number of European players who would like to play in this event. The schedule I’ve arbitrary selected is 8 PM UTC+0 on a Friday. Note, that there are no specific date in mind yet, as I for now only want to know the level of interest. All members of all time zones are welcome to join, but I have created it with Europeans in mind, hence the name and time. This event could be made as a precursor or warm up to a regular WCCN, as the schedules aren’t conflicting.

So yeah, that’s about it. Everything else will be basically the same as our regular WCCNs, with themes, custom maps, etc, and I will likelly employ the ‘Team Waypoint’ GT for this event as well, unless the interest is very high; a dedicated European GT would then be created.

Show your interest!

If there’s no interest in such an event, I’ll scrub it.

You knew I would be in for the win on this one! I know that a few of my guys would be up for that :slight_smile:

Be sure to spread the word!

Good luck. :slight_smile: I hope y’all have a turn out. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look much like it :wink:

I could possibly swing the latter part of this if it went down on a Saturday.

I’m up usually in the middle of the night so if there isn’t a turn out and I’m online, send me an invite.

I’ll help with this if you want as I’ve always wanted one.

It is unlikely I will attend as my University suffers from a very poor connection around that time due to heavy traffic. The only time I can really play is after 1am or early on in the morning when I get up. It’s a shame, I think this is a brilliant idea that will likely die out due to lack of interest.

How about we try a Test run of this later so we can see if it works out

Yeah, I can host it on a Saturday, if that fits for most :wink:

That’s alright with me. If anything does pop up though I will post but I should be fine.

Anyway should I add you as a friend on Xbox so we can easily get in tough for the event.

I use the ‘Team Waypoint’ account for easy management of Waypoint attendees, so it’s easier to use that instead :slight_smile:

I thought there was a problem with the Team Waypoint account. It says it hasn’t been used since 1/14.

Yeah, we’ve had some problems with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if this idea is still up for discussion, but I’m definitely interested! New European members to the forums, show your interest! :wink:

Hey I’m not European, but I am definitely interested. With just a little heads up to date and time I would put an extra effort to be there.