Waypoint classified codes not working

Okay so when i put a code into the classified section to unlock the Raider Armour it just tells me that an error occurred and to try again later, It’s been saying this for a few days now so I’m pretty sure the “try again later” idea isn’t going to work.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I’ve completed the Spartan Ops missions needed to unlock the Armour And just have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

same with me, its probably a broken server and its been like days since they fixed this problem, i hope they actually fix the problem soon because i need to unlock raider armor NOW!!!

Yes, it’s the same problem with me too and there is another thread about this so i know we are not alone and that it’s not a problem on our side.

Same Problem too.

Also the whole Waypoint app(Xbox360) / app(iOS) and website is loading really slow.

3 days later, Still the same problem… Just disappointed really…

Its 7 months later and im having the same issue :confused:

Can you give us a screenshot of the error?