(( Waypoint busted or is it me? ))


I’m a level 74 Eng, and My spartan is still default red… I’ve deleted waypoint redownloaded same thing I’ve even moved it to my flash drive.

I have a 4 gb kinect I got it for free with my mobile phone provider for getting a family pack… now don’t tell me that 4GB isn’t enough for file share & videos… cause I could easily do that with my MW3/INFINITY WARD/ELITE… I think this is dumb and needs to be fixed if that’s the case.

ASAP. because it’s a pain in the -Yoink- and I refuse to go buy a new Xbox/Hard drive just so I can do clips… I’ll straight up trade in this POS & get BO:II.

Says on the game 4MB needed for profile & game play… granted its on my flash which is 16gb… covered. I’ll be able to get all the maps too & everything but BECAUSE IT’S NOT A MICROSOFT XBOX HDD I can’t do any snapshots or video clips?.. B.S fix it.

4 years to make this game 343 SLACKING cant fill bungies shoes.