Waypoint Badges Have Disappeared - 24 April 2019

So about 30 minutes ago it seemed like Waypoint was having a bit of a server error. I the got a notification that I’d been awarded the feet first badge and although the badges I had set to be my display badges are still visible it seems like I lost all my other badges.

UPDATE: I seem to have now re-earned the Statistician badge too, but my Loot Crate Subscriber, Fireteam Raven, and Spartan Comapny one… possibly others too are gone.

Did anyone else get this/will the issue resolve itself?

Can you check again?

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> Can you check again?

Very sorry to necro the topic, snickerdoodle, still no improvement nearly two years later I’m afraid and others have also checked my profile. The three in my display case are still there, but when you look at the Badges section at the bottom of my profile, I only have Feet First and Statistician which is clearly inaccurate.