Waypoint App?

With Halo 5 just around the corner, and with Spartan Companies now here, I was curious if there are any plans for a Halo Waypoint app? I know we have the Halo Channel but I’m looking for something that can send me notifications when someone messages me or replies to a forum post. Just seems more handy than using my browser when I’m on my phone :slight_smile:

I like this idea. +1DK point for you sir

I agree. I hate having to refresh this page on my phone all the time when talking on the forums. lol

I think there was an app at one point but it was cancelled, I’m not sure. It was probably around before I started coming here.

I would love one, but if it hasn’t been announced yet, it probably isn’t happening.

maybe with the API for halo 5 being released they could release the API for the forums? like with tappatalk or something

I was wondering the same when I opened the worse-for-wear old Waypoint app the other day. Halo Channel is great and all, but they’re surely not expecting to migrate all of this there are they? Or are they relying on the public to play with the API?
Microsoft is funding this, -Yoink!-, get it together!

I actually have the old Halo Waypoint app on my phone, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Would be really usefull, a game that managed to make a very good app is Destiny (probably not very popular here), you could access your character, change your armour, browse the forums, manage your clan and see community updates.

An app like that but for Halo (duh) would be awesome.

halo channel is good but that give’s only news about the game and not the info in the game.
the only app i remember good was the waypoint app that give the info you need like stats from the most gun you use and game type and more.

I would download that

I had the original WayPoint app when they had it and decided to redownload it. I was only able to do so by going to my previous purchases, because it has been taken down from the App Store/market place. To no surprise, it gave me an error saying “Could not connect to Microsoft Servers,” etc. I wonder if they are planning on relaunching it. They have the Halo Channel, but that has no proper use.

An alternative is to add the Halo Waypoint website to your springboard (homescreen). The website works well enough for most things.