Waypoint app feedback

Very logical structure and great choice to order it by game. UI did reset to H5:G ever time i reopened the app. Menu’s work smoothly and it’s clear when something is clickable. Account page did not recognise me as an insider and asked me to subscribe

H5:G UI feedback
The detail in the carnage report is amazing, very cool that you can look even at the hit percentage per weapon. Both for custom, social and ranked games. I did encounter a few things:

  1. When watching a team CR the team logo flickers
  2. When watching a team CR it’s not visible that you can slide to the side to switch team
  3. When watching at custom games they are all named “Glacier”

Halo Infinite UI feedback
Great tool for modifying your spartan! The menu’s are logical and everything is easily found. A few pointers:

  1. changes do apply in the UI in the game, but in matches only after rebooting the game
  2. Coatings are ordered different then in the game (unlocked-locked not split)
  3. In body type option the spartan does not show so you have no feedback on what you choose
  4. In voices there are many listed but no feedback on what you choose
  5. When picking an Emblem you can’t see what effect it has on your banner