waypoint 11th termimal

i recently heard about the terminal on waypoint but an error kept popin up when i try to get on the terminal can people still get on it or has it been blocked?

far as i know your still able to get it as long as you gotten all 10 halo CEA terminals online and put the codes in the halo waypoint terminal

I got the 11th Terminal some when in the middle of last week so it is indeed still possible to obtain it.

To get the 11th terminal you must have unlocked all 10 terminals in the game and enter the right codes for them all in halo waypoint.after it should have unlocked and you should of recieved 30,000 credits in halo reach. you should have 100,000 credits added in your halo reach balance.

Welcome to Waypoint!

As those before me have said, you must enter the codes of all 10 terminals into Waypoint before the 11th is unlocked.