WAY too mych Slayer in Team Arena

Why in god’s name are there so many Slayer games in the Arena hopper? I might be a minority- especially in the days of Call of Duty- but I HATE Slayer. Sprint around and shoot at anything that moves! Wow. Fun. I’m playing Team Arena because I want to play a game where my teammates and I have to employ a little bit of strategy and communication to achieve a goal. And I’m sorry, but “kill the most enemies” is not the kind of goal I give a crap about. Oddly enough, for those rare times that I do just feel like running around mindlessly shooting at people, THERE’S AN ENTIRE GAMETYPE DEDICATED TO JUST THAT. Don’t you think if I wanted to play 6 Slayer games in a row- yes, that literally just happened- I’d back out of Team Arena and just jump into the Slayer playlist??