Way too much aim assist.

The aim locks on way to much in halo 4. It will track the players like in COD. Halo 4 is way to easy and they need to tone it down a bit. They have taken alot of the skill out of halo.

Play a costom game and go up to the enemy and walk back and forth with him not moving and let your aim ret cross over him and you will see that it locks on to him way to much.

Halo 4 is a great game IMO but they need to dub down the aim assist and bring back some of the skill to halo.

Agreed. The feel of the game is making kills too easy. Having standoff battles against multiple players is too hard because everyone’s capable of using the BR very well. The DMR is OP vs BR and is incredibly easy to use, it needs recoil or even a damage nerf to a 6sk. It’s a long range weapon with no recoil, it will still outdo the BR at long-range, except now it’ll struggle at close-range. Carbine and the LR feel good, I’m assuming they can’t patch aim assist? If they can do so, if not, Halo 5 needs to be a return to Halo 2 or 3’s aim assist because this game’s is far too much.

The gun with absolutely ridiculous amounts of aim assist is the BR, really tone that down and make it a 4SK to compensate.