Way too many teams are taking over BTB

its impossible to play btb with so many teams now, and no regulation on matching against them

I get it, tale as old as the game itself, get some friends, yadda yadda

Everyone I know deleted this game lol, its like there are people who decided to form some post apocalyptic raider gang to make teams out of rabble and go punish anyone still playing it

And you know what, 343 cultivated this exact thing by making the game impossible to play efficiently solo. It’s not BR starts, so you get spawn killed easily. There aren’t enough anti vehicle weapons. The game is a broken mess.


No thank you

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BTB Big Team Battles, its not Lone Wolfes, its designed for team play


Then why are there no teams besides the enemy Dom?

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I agree, these teams aren’t made of friends most of the time, it’s an excuse to put together stacks of good players who barely know each other just to spawnkill

teams of 6 or more players should only be paired against other teams of 6-12 players


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you didn’t even finish the full quote

I said “besides the enemy”

other people can read the thread you know


It’s been this way since 343 took over. No limit to how many people can party up and play against a bunch of randoms.

I don’t really understand how on one hand they think they need to be super strict with the SBMM. But then they are perfectly fine with a 12-stack stomping on a bunch of randoms.

I also don’t understand how people who are fine with the SBMM are okay with this. The main reason they give for the SBMM being so strict is so that good players can’t just stomp on noobs all the time. And yet that is exactly what happens when you allow large parties to match against randoms.

Once you have more than 4 people in a party, team matching should go into effect.


It’s disappointing we’re having some of the exact same huge issues in infinite that H5 had. The lack of any party v party system and region select were huge pain points in H5

Teams vs small parties in H5 Warzone was such a big issue to the player base for a while that 343 was basically forced to create a “12 party V 12 party” playlist to stop bleeding players out of Warzone.

H3 matching parties agaisnt parties of the same size is a feature that Halo fans have been screaming for 343 to implement for almost 10 years now. I hate that they won’t do it


It can try and prioritize similar set ups, but if nothing can be found it better not just say “oh well, can’t play with randoms. So I guess you’ll be waiting” if nothing can be found. Randoms can not be off limits to parties.

You are actually complaining about too many groups of friends playing together in the mode designed for groups of friends to play together. This has got to be a troll


It’s basically people that don’t want to put any effort or work on their side to make the game more fun for themselves. But want to be catered too and always whine about having terrible teammates usually. Because they purposely put themselves at a disadvantage relying on the AI to find teammates for them.

If anything, this game ( and all that have team oriented game modes ) should be actively encouraging people to befriending and teaming up with people they enjoy playing ( wither real live, people they meet on forums or in game ) so better the experience for themselves.

I agree! What really sucks in BTB is that if you have 4 teammates in your lobby you and you don’t all spawn in the same squad!!! :rage: Nor can you even create you own squad!! like you can in the Battlefield Franchaise :rage:

PEACE! :fist_right: :fist_left:


When reach launched on mcc it became pretty obvious that full teams dont match
Looks like infinite has the same problem

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Reach BTB is still a nightmare to this day


In halo 5 i was a member of a big italian Spartan Company. About 80% of my matches i played with the company. We played a lot BTB and Warzone. You know what happened, we won almost every match because we communicated and played so many times together, it was absolute normal that we backed up each other.

In halo infinite 95% of my matches im solo. None of my Spartan Company is playing halo infinite, because they didnt like it. I get used to halo infinite and remained.

Now im facing also a lot of stacked teams. I dont mind them. Sure im losing a lot matches, but its ok. Friends should be allowed to team up and play together.

Our Spartan Company in halo 5 was also a mix of different skilled player. We had player that were placed Gold in ranked and player that were placed champion. Still we all teamed up.


Lol you acting like this is a 343 thing and what not.

BTB has been like this FOREVER, even in older Halos. There are premades and then there are those who solo it, but it’s never been a new thing. If you really feel this way due to being solo, then seriously get some friends. If not, there are ways to contribute even as a solo player in BTB, and there are much more ways to do so in Infinite compared to older Halos.

Compared to older Halos, Infinite lets you:

  • Ping and call out enemy players
  • You literally can launch a Threat sensor which marks enemies
  • You can secure power weapons and even drop them for your team now if you feel like you aren’t able to use it
  • You can even honk to ping your vehicle for allies, and removal of betrayals mean premades can’t kill you and grab the vehicle for themselves anymore

If you are having issues with players on the enemy team stacking and being overperformers compared to the rest of the players, it’s a matchmaking problem. There simply isn’t enough players in the pool anymore.


The problem is, they don’t want to put forth the effort to do that. I always get the same excuse over and over again.

“My friends don’t play the game” - Make friends on forums or in game, problem solved
“I don’t have the time” - Take second to find an active community, like these forums for instance post a message. Should take less then a minute to make. Come back later and see if you have replies. I don’t have time is utter nonsense.
“I shouldn’t have to put up with this” - That’s not our problem your purposely handicapping yourself by allowing an AI to pick your teammates. Which will never be even remotely close to as effective as picking your own, no matter how good 343i could makes it. It’s just not possible.

These are also the same people that complain about lousy teammates too. So it’s a never winning battle for them, because they’ll never be satisfied in the long run.

It’s sad too, because when you find people you can have fun playing together and work well. The fun factor in the game explodes upwards. A little bit of effort goes a long way, but they don’t want to even bother to tap the potential of it.

The location is ping has kinda been a big game changer for me in a positive way as a solo player who plays a lot of BTB.

It’s made it a little more of an even playing field against 12-tops, but I still wish solo players wouldn’t get put in games against large parties. Everyone has more fun when parties play parties and small squads play small squads in my experience :beers:

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mainly I’m just astounded “groups of friends” even still have this game downloaded, I barely know anyone that hasn’t deleted it completely at this point.