Way Too Many BR REQs in Halo 5

This is ridiculous. How come there are over a dozen BR REQs? Whenever I want to choose a Battle Rifle, I have to shuffle through a billion REQ cards until I find the one I want. Why so many 343, it’s not like they dramatically change the fate of the game! Worst of all, nearly every single BR REQ is common to uncommon.

There are 28 total but that’s normal since BR got the classic scope variants added post launch

DMR and AR by comparison have 21 by comparison with no added yet

I would rather have more Weapons than so many Emblens and other stuff that doesn’t affect gameplay.

Because they bring different playstyles to the player. Longer scopes mean someone’s wants to shoot from afar and extended barrel helps that. Stabilizers is good for defending if you are in a stationary spot, and laser sight for offensive approach to have better accuracy for headshots. Silencer and incindenary (idk how to spell it) are obvious.

It’s just a whole lot of bloat to make you have to get more Req packs to catch all the PokeReqs.