Way too many assists/kills stolen

I am shocked by how badly people are taking kills. It seems ill put 4 shots into a guy and drop his shield, while having my shields at 1shot and then pull the trigger into the guys head only to have an assist occur across the map. I have gotten 13 wingmans already and a large amount of assists. I will admit some are from sprinters running away but really? I even play some matches and wonder how people even manage to see and hit my target.

Anyone else having this experience?

this is a team game, Every medal, kill, assist, or other thing goes to your points. It doesn’t matter who gets the kill any more, it matters who wins these fights.

Focus on what helps the team and you will get more points, focus on your self and your left in a ditch. do you get me?

They made it more likely to get an assist, in reach even tho you assisted in a kill you didn’t get an assist.

Focus more on winning than on you’re kills. I’d rather have a teammate bring down a sprinter than watch him run off, have the enemy team come and back him up, and my death give the other team 10 points. Just keep in mind, game complete + your personal score + victory bonus = moar XPEHS versus game complete + your score.