Way to reintroduce Elites in Multiplayer..

I have an idea of how to reintroduce Elites into Multipler. Since the Arbiter isn’t going to be in Halo 4, this could be in future Halo games. Here’s the idea!

In Halo 3 we fought along side with the Elites, well maybe we can do it again. By reintroducing them into Infinity Multiplayer, since the UNSC has an alliance with the Elites(The Arbiters following specifically).

Elites could be in training exercises with the Spartans.Or have an added area to the Infinity just for Elites, it would have everything that the Spartan area/exercises have, same maps, weapons etc, except it would be your Elite Career instead of your Spartan Career.You could switch back and forth from Spartan to Elite, you would maintain the same rank, it would transfer over, if you were a Colonel in your Spartan Career, you would be a colonel in your Elite Career.

I would love to see them back in Multiplayer, they look badass in Halo 4.

That could work for Halo 5 or Halo 6.

Inb4 someone calls elites dinosaurs.

I would like being able to play as an elite.

Hmppff… I would not make the rank carry over would be way better to actually have two separate character. A Spartan career and the Elite “insert a word that fit better than career”.

How about instead of having an area on the infinity they just have their own ship that can connect to the infinity from a distance. Kinda like how we go online to play XBL. You see what i mean?

Elites are not going to be playable in Halo 4. Campaign, multiplayer, or Spartan Ops. This has been confirmed over and over again.

If you’d like to discuss Elites in the future of Halo, feel free to use this thread.