Way Point Log in issue

Okay I just recently decided to update my halo waypoint on my 360. I done so. Restarted to use the new thing. When I start it up, and get to the main display of the new waypoint. A prompt comes up and tells me I must be logged into xbox live to use halo waypoint.

Now heres the thing. I am already automatically signed into xbox live when I turn my console on and my profile loads. Now I done a few things to try and remidy this.
1.) Restart console after updating
2.) Delete Waypoint and redownload.
3.) Sign out, and back in.

Now none of these are fixing the problem it seems. Now I ain’t gotten my copy of halo 4 yet, but will be getting it early today after 10pm. Hopefully I can use waypoint without the need of halo 4. Can anyone help me?

I’m having problems signing into the iPad app as well. “The Halo Waypoint Service took too long to respond”